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The International Canine Cancer Association (ICCA) provides canine cancer awareness to the global community. We accomplish this mission by providing information to the public via the internet as well as more traditional mediums. Most people are unaware that cancer is the leading cause of disease related death for dogs, and as such, many dogs do not receive the diagnosis or treatments that are needed in time to save their lives. We believe that if more people are aware of this devastating disease, there will be a stronger focus on routine examinations and canine geriatric care considerations.

When our awareness funding goals are met, additional funds are to be provided directly to those performing cancer research. Our primary research interests are on the causes of cancer, as we believe that prevention is the best cure. However, we also have interests in supporting post diagnosis neoplasia treatment, particularly novel methods and natural treatments. If you are a researcher who is interested in receiving a grant for your research, please contact us for application requirements.


Our work is only possible due to the donations of people like you. If you believe in the importance and value of dogs and their health, please show it with a generous donation.

Thank you for visiting us. Please spend a moment to read the material here. If you have anything you can contribute, please contact us and share.

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