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Osteosarcoma - The most common tumor of the bone in a canine. It usually affects one of the legs, and it is more prevalent in larger dogs.


Dogs of all ages can be affected by Osteosarcoma, although it is most often middle age and older dogs. This cancer spreads fast and is most often treated with chemotherapy. Bones affected by Osteosarcoma are more prone to breakage than usual, and it is often detected after breakage or due to lameness. This cancer develops inside of a bone and gradually grows towards its surface. Diagnosis for Osteosarcoma is often performed by x-ray rather than biopsy, as the latter can be unnecessarily painful.

If this disease has progressed to a certain degree, the best treatment often appears to be amputation. This is not as bad as it sounds for a dog, as dogs appear to cope well to losing a limb. Activity generally returns to normal levels after recovery.

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